Social Responsibility

We at Cureton strongly believe in being responsible citizens in the communities we operate in. We believe that trust is earned through our actions.  We strive to earn the trust of our communities and customers every day through excellent, transparent, and responsive work. We take pride in our adherence to highest safety standards, responsible environmental stewardship, genuine community engagement and rewarding work environment.

Most of our executive team are Colorado natives, raising our families here. We consider these projects part of our personal and professional legacy.


To ensure safe operations, we continually strive to go above and beyond what is required by local, state and federal regulations.  Some of our advanced practices include:

  • X-raying of 100% of our welds to dramatically minimize the risk of leaks
  • Implementing Process Safety Management at all Cureton facilities
  • Testing pressure containing components to 1.5 times their design pressures
  • Designing systems for higher pressures than their normal operating pressures
  • Developing Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plans at all Cureton facilities
  • Conducting biological surveys to include cultural and historical surveys on all Rights-Of-Way
  • Adhering to a Zero Tolerance Safety Program
  • Integrity Management Plan utilizing cathodic protection, smart pigging, ultrasonic and PSV testing to ensure proper compliance of all safety systems

We work with area emergency responders to ensure our operations are safe and we are prepared for any situations that could arise.


As a Colorado company, we deeply believe in protecting our pristine environment. Environmental stewardship factors into every decision we make, and we take pride in our efforts to keep Colorado beautiful.

  • We are committed to keeping pristine the land, air, and water around our sites through advanced mitigation measures and reclamation. We appreciate the beauty and fragility of Colorado wildlife and always strive to keep ecosystems undisturbed.
  • We focus on both groundwater and stormwater when working to ensure we protect water quality. We execute an industry-leading integrity management program to reduce the risk of releases and take careful consideration when developing our plans related to stormwater, drainage, and containment.
  • As Coloradans, we cherish the clean air in our environment. We strictly observe all air quality regulations, operate a fugitive emissions programs, and utilize a closed loop system for both gas and liquids.


Cureton is proud to be a citizen in the communities that we serve, and to be supporting various initiatives with our Community Partners.


Local Employment

With headquarters in Denver and a field office in Keenesburg, Cureton is committed to hiring local staff and contractors wherever possible We are an equal opportunity employer and strive to provide rewarding and supportive work environment to all of our employees.

Military Service

Cureton is appreciative of the great service that the men and women in uniform provide to our country. We understand that military services provide excellent training and discipline, thus we actively recruit for service members.